Bursa Commodity Derivatives

What is Comodity Derivatives?

Commodity derivatives are financial instruments the values of which depend on that of a commodity, such as grains, energy or metals.

Bursa Malaysia Commodity derivative products consist of 2 categories which are agriculture & precious metal. The following are the commodity derivative products that are currently available on BMD:

Gold Futures (FGLD)

Contract Specifictions

Gold Futures (FGLD) is a small-sized Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”) denominated gold futures contract traded on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, providing market participants exposure to international gold price movements at a lower entry cost.

Contract Code
Underlying Asset
Gold assayed to a minimum of 995 fineness
Contract Size
100 grams
Minimum Price Fluctuation
RM 0.05 per gram ( or RM 5 per tick)
Settlement Method
Cash Settlement

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday (Malaysia Time, GMT +8 )
First Sessions: 0900 - 1230 hours
Second Session: 1430-1900 hours

Monday to Thursday (Malaysia Time, GMT +8)
After-Hours (T+1) Trading Session: 2100 - 2330 hours

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